REDBON CGI  is honored to work with partners through all over the world!

Since global economy is open & internet today connects people everywhere around the world hence fit labors transfer is obvious. Don’t let your benefits be limited by geographical distance cause. Art has no limits, talented visual artists through over the world. We are one honored recognized. One CGI photorealistic is always worth a thousand referrals, our passionate CGI artists will be a great assistant to conquer viewers through platform media. Price here worth every penny & extremely competitive when make a competition. What create our advantage? the lucks is based on abundant and well-trained workforce from Vietnam, it’s reasonable cost simply because the local labor cost is not too high, the company’s subject is using human labor potential, human based maintain reliable operation. It’s reflect core values are trust and experience, we strongly DISAGREE with a point: “Low price often represent low quality”. At REDBON CGI, please be rest assured that we do care customer service and put our quality labor on the top & drive this on the rights track to get you being our long term customer.


07 Essential benefits for using 3D Rendering outsourcing service from REDBON CGI Vietnam

1 High end quality product is always is the first priority This is always first fixed condition work. REDBON CGI use photorealistic 3D rendering technology & proudly apply Global Illumination (GI), this indirect illumination to maximum real visualization quality as this technology add more realistic lighting to 3D scenes, its ensure atmosphere match the object
2 Unlimited benefit by low price range offered We are committed low prices range, even just 1/3 the price of other, there are always priorities, progressive discounts applied, in some case, the 2nd & 3rd view’s price are applied much lower than 1st view. You will surely be surprised at how incredibly affordable the total bill will be. REDBON CGI offers different production types according to customer request and budget. Invest your money effectively, frequent returning guests or contract one will receive stable price range
3 The product is in short turnaround time REDBON CGI understand the time is decision aspect & there are not many studios where may commit exactly. We delivery as quick as possible as we strive strictly adhere to the delivery date. There will have time minimum in the 2 days. Of course, it is depend to the size of property, scope of work, complexity of project,  it is more convenience during touching detail to our email. Furthermore, in case of an emergency, our staff is ready to work overtime to ensure progress for project
4 Communication is understood and warm Since communication is important aspect during working phases. it is showed in understanding your needs and making task accordingly, team is polite & getting skills on constructive project discussion, we treat all comments by well taking care, personal & quick response 
5 Attraction, it helps to create persuasive presentations Even if the person you’re recommending it to is an industry expert who is in high expectation, they’ll likely enjoy seeing what your building looks like. Presentation is best presented visually, where observers and presenters can connect through mutual understanding of the project
6 Application to real estate marketing’s efficial One of the most compelling aspects of co-working with us is the potential for marketing benefits. By creating stunning and lifelike stills for your design, you can effectively communicate the look, feel and functionality of your building / room interior/ product to almost anyone, the 3D rending become big shoot to put on increasing pre-sale
7 Risk-Free to work with REDBON CGI It is a huge and very serious failure if any partner uses your service for the first time and never has a second time to comeback. At REDBON CGI, we try the best to get new clients as more as possible that they may find out our company, accompany is a reliable referral from those self clients to others. In other side we look forward to more contracts from old customers, because we understand that when clients are interested with us, surely they use our service again & becoming 1 long-term partners with stable source of projects provided hence there is no reason for us to constantly expect your continuous use of services .We are confident that REDBON CGI team is always on of right promise to maintain safe. Trust and long-term goals are paramount to collaborate with us