REDBON CGI always respect our compromises with our clients. All transaction information related to documents between the two parties are strictly confidential. We guarantee any information about your company and projects will not become public according to our Privacy Policy, which includes NDA (Non – disclosure agreement) terms drafted by the client. Confidentiality issues are disseminated to all of in-house employees, the transmission of information to the outside and the use of customer information and documents is strictly prohibited, this policy say no in any case, these rules are expressed by the commitments in the personnel contract. The use of the internet is restricted, except for those responsible, usb is prohibited from being used in the company, employees are not allowed to transfer customer documents and drawings to 3rd parties. So that after many years of operation, we are always proud to be one of the companies that do very well bu putting guest benefit to the first

  • We grant permission & offer standard/ extended copyrights for the visual materials you get as a result;
  • We are ready to confirm and sign the confidentiality agreement drafted by the customer
  • Customer’s soft drawings and documents will be erased within 6 months if customer does not have new instructions, hard copies documents, paper will be destroyed by paper cutter