REDBON CGI is working such a CG Outsourcing Company based in Vietnam, We provide visualization outsourcing service with high quality service of CGI 3D Renderings & Architect Visualization for a lot partner all over the world …For numerous years of experience (approximately 10 years). We commit providing the best services, high quality products with unbelievable real-time schedule and extreme reasonable costs. Due to the long term collaboration to many partners, it’s great honored if we chance given to list you are our great potential partner

Our mission is creating an industry to minimize costs for foreign partners and take advantage of local well-trained & skilled labor sources, it is similar to the labor export trend from countries with residual of specialized labor in developing countries to developed countries but this is a form of labor working locally without moving, this method brings huge economic benefits to foreign partners while the product still maintain good quality and guaranteed delivery time, besides can create more jobs for local workers, also it is the social good

Nowadays, the cost of renting office space and labor remuneration in most countries is becoming more and more expensive, there is a wave of finding “factories” to balance the cost of labor and space rental in outside of the territory, the work transfer is necessary & the fact is huge competition on commerce and under difficult economic situation that most companies in the world are aiming to minimize personnel costs, reduce cumbersome systems to focus on main expertise, core stages. The shortening of the work stages has an extremely great effect on reducing labor costs and workload. We are based in Vietnam, we have an abundant workforce. We are proud that our CG Artists are well educated on skill, hard-working, enthusiastic and creative that reason why we are always willing to share work with you at extremely affordable rental rates. Surely, you do not need to worry about managing this team. Since we focus to the people as the most important factor, our key personnel & engineers are well trained with skill & professional, always actively update new techniques in their works, they love their work, love their clients such mind in the hospitality’s economic. Otherwise, we strive to get the forecast of trends on perspective market & the world artist to update the better version & upgrade architect’s future minds

REDBON CGI Vietnam may produce exterior and interior CGI Visualization for all scale of projects from residences, offices, condominiums, stores, commercial facilities, etc. Also, other 3D product rendering. We produce high quality CGI Rending used for advertisements, etc. and simple photo rending for presentations. Via this Greetings, we are honored to work with all talent Architects/ Interior Designer/ Real Estate company/ Property developers/  Marketing Agencies/ Manufacturers…


With warmest regards,